About iNLIP

The independent Network of Latam Insurance Professionals is a fully independent community site where insurance professionals interested in Latin America share news, articles, jobs, events, seminars, etc.

At iNLIP we wanted to offer LATAM insurance professionals a solution where they could find out about upcoming Latin American insurance news and events, browse Latin American insurance jobs in Miami and in the region, search for insurance courses and share knowledge. From searching for jobs and training courses to attending events and interacting on LATAM insurance forums, at iNLIP we offer all of this and much more.

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After his experience managing other insurance networks and the famous Miami | Latin America Claims (re) Insurance Forum and also after analysing market inputs and feedback, David Roig decided to create a new and innovative concept and website, an independent network of Latin American Insurance Professionals.

On our Latin American insurance news section you will find the latest updates from the world of LATAM insurance, specially focused on Miami and Latin America with breaking stories as well as industry specific coverage. Innovative insurance marketing articles are also published.



This an unparalleled place where really all the insurance industry members can participate and publish articles. The network is absolutely open to all (re) insurance companies, loss adjusters, brokers, forensic accountants, experts and insurance law firms.

(Re) Insurance Companies can publish articles at no extra cost. Insurance service providers (vendors) are asked to support the infrastructure iNLIP needs. Contact David Roig for more information. (Reader´s profile, brand reach, etc.)

The objectives of independent Network of LATAM Insurance Professionals are:

  • To empower relationships between professionals from different areas of the insurance Latin American market
  • To promote discussion and innovative ideas
  • To organise networking events, seminars and networking events

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