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The #1 Miami Insurance Market newsletter. Highly relevant insurance professionals related to the Latin American insurance industry.

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  • Information about events: Forums, seminars, webinars, conferences, talks, etc.
  • Information about the Miami (re) insurance week.
  • (re) Insurance top reports.
  • (re) insurance job offers.
  • Actionable advice for insurance professionals. Topics covered are relevant to those working at the insurance industry. Get tools and insights to become a more efficient insurance market professional. If you use just one approach to make your project, team, or company more efficient, the newsletter already pays for itself.
  • A pulse on the Latin American insurance market and trends worth knowing about. What is happening in the Latin American Industry, and why? How is the market changing? Is parametric insurance a hot topic? AI and cyber risks? We cover patterns and trends.
  • Discounts and free tickets.


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