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Comprehensive Guide to Parametric Insurance by Swiss Re CS

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What is Parametric Insurance? How does it work? How is it evolving? How is this different from indemnity-based insurance? What to consider when designing parametric insurance?

Climate change, supply chain disruptions, new technologies, economic uncertainty, budget constraints and tightening insurance markets.

Today, organizations around the world are faced with navigating increasingly complex and extraordinary challenges which are creating a backdrop of uncertainty that continues to drive change. Amidst extreme volatility, many are seeking solutions that help to alleviate some of these pressures, provide peace of mind and build some much-needed confidence. As a result, topics such as liquidity management and risk management are ranking high on priority lists.

With a corporate landscape increasingly shifting from physical to intangible assets as well as ever more interconnected supply chains, conventional insurance programs often struggle to protect businesses adequately, leaving painful gaps in cover.

With insurance buyers tasked with finding affordable insurance solutions that offer a fast claims resolution process, attentions are increasingly turning towards parametric or “index-based” insurance. These innovative solutions are event-driven and work based on pre-agreed triggers or parameters, offering a simple complement to traditional indemnity-based insurance.

No longer is parametric insurance niche or exotic. It is nothing new. As the risk landscape continues to evolve at great speed, parametric insurance offers a means of covering those risks that are difficult to insure – an opportunity that many businesses are now grasping with both hands.

This eBook serves as a comprehensive guide to parametric insurance. Lear also about the 5 myths about parametric insurance.

Not only will it provide a holistic introduction to parametric insurance. Equally, it will help you to ascertain whether parametric insurance is right for your business and build an effective business case for adopting such solutions.

You will discover:

• What parametric insurance is and how it works
• Who it is best suited to and its core benefits
• Its evolution, and key trends for the future
• Case study examples


Follow the link, fill in the form to download your copy of Comprehensive Guide to Parametric Insurance Source: Swiss Re Corporate Solutios

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