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What if you could boost your selling process? Part 1 #Insurance #Services #Pshycology

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Have you ever been in an insurance service sales situation where you were absolutely convinced you had the best solution for your prospect, but you still lost the deal?

This time iNLIP recommends the book “Neuromarketing” by Patrick Renvoisé and Christophe Morin. We know the book since 2002 when it was published and it contains many interested ideas that have not yet been used when we talk about the insurace services industry.

During the following lines, we will hightlight some of the book´s key points.

The book explores the idea that the sales in today´s world are tougher than ever because:

  • Buyers are more sophisticaded and they are inundated with information.
  • Competition is more intense.
  • Sales clycles are longer.
  • Buying by committee is more common.
  • Resistance to traditional closing tecnhicques has increased.

It is important to mention that the book is mainly based on the theory of the 3 brains (learn more about this: –Spanish– )

Best October 2014 Marketing Article Asociación de Marketing de España by David Roig

¿Tenemos 3 cerebros que influyen en nuestra conducta de compra?

Among other things, the book says that human beings have 3 brains:

  1. The new brain that thinks.
  2. The middel brain that feels.
  3. The old brain that decides. (450 million years old, “visual” approach)



In terms of marketing, it is very important to know that words have been around for “only” about 40,000 years and written words have only been around for about 10,000 years.

In other words, that means that the old brain is 45,000 times older than words. There has not been enought time, in evolutionary terms, for written words to make an impact on our old brain.

Insurance lawyers, brokers, loss adjusters, insurance experts… Let´s think now about marketing, communications, seminars and your power point presentations…

Do you use many written words or images? Are you being visual?


In our next article we will talk more about the book and about “the only six stimuli that speak to old brain”.

David Roig

Source: Book “Neuromarketing” by Patrick Renvoisé and Christophe Morin.


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